Not only will your teen be well prepared for the permit test and driving test, we teach them to be intelligent drivers for a lifetime of safe driving.

Darren Anderson

Teacher at Riverbend; 13 years Driver's Ed instruction


Dan Reinhart

Teacher at ISD #88; 12 years Driver's Ed instruction


Tami Benson

Teacher at ISD #77; 8 years Driver's Ed instruction

Dustin Hawkins

Electrician at Kraft; 7 years Driver's Ed instruction


2 years Driver's Ed instruction

Joy drexler

Teacher at ISD #77;
4 year Driver's Ed instruction                       

Kristin Faber

Teacher at ISD #88;
4 year Driver's Ed instruction

Casey McMullen

Social Worker at ISD #88;
4 year Driver's Ed instruction


our commitment

Come and experience the enjoyment of learning how to become one of America's safest drivers. We strive to be a leader in educating our future drivers. Pike Driving School has been successfully instructing for over 17 years. It has always been our mission to provide a strong and thorough driver's education instruction with our professionally developed curriculum. We are dedicated to teaching our students the rules of the road, while giving them personal and proper road skill training.